Turning 21

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A note from MUM AND DAD to their son on a milestone birthday

Happy birthday, son.
We are very proud to see the man you’ve become, but more important than that, you have given us much happiness over the last 21 years. We love you to bits.
Here’s a little note for you on your 21st birthday. You could call them life lessons – they’ve come to us after years of experience, and tbh, there are some things here we wish we had done ourselves. Take from this list what you will: we know you will make your own list one day, which many people will read.
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1. Laugh a lot.
2. Have lots of friends.
3. Dream big – about your own future. Then get out there and make it happen.
4.  Read
5. Learn new things; keep on learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
6. Eat well. Remember our diet mantra when you were younger: Garbage in, garbage out.
7. Treat other people like you would have them treat you. Especially those less fortunate than you now. It won’t be long before they come up to your level, and go further.
8. Keep in touch with family: yes, they often embarrass you, but they are also your biggest fan club and will protect you and look out for you no matter what. You are quite lucky you have some  very accomplished people in your family: they’ve given you the good genes and the good environment that have made you what you are today. Be good friends with your sister – and look after      each other.
9. Be polite and respectful towards women. Treat girls as equals in every respect. Know that when mates say disrespectful things about girls, they are being uncool.
10. Do what you love. Love what you do.
11. Keep your room clean.Twenty One.Indian Link   12. Shower every day, or twice daily. Wear a nice fragrance. Wear clean and good quality underwear.
13. Always know and feel that you’ve made your parents/family proud. At any given point in time, you should be able to say, yes, I think my family is proud of me. (If you ever feel you’ve done something that will make your family not proud, make amends immediately.
14. Never forget where you came from. Learn more about your culture, Indian as well as Australian. It is quite cool to be proud of your heritage.
15. You may be an adult now, but don’t forget to play. Nurture your hobbies, and surround yourself with things related to them. If you can afford it, travel to different places to follow your hobbies.
16. You may be an adult now, but don’t forget to tease. Have a sense of humour and gently tease your significant others. It is a great tension reducer.
17. Drink alcohol – don’t let it drink you. And you know the rules about drinking and driving.
18. Always reach out to friends – even distant acquaintances – when they experience a birth or a death in their family. Try and visit, and if you can’t, then send a note or flowers or a message.
19. Have lots of mentors, ie, people that you look up to and have respect for.
20. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak: it could mean you’re wise. And brave.
21. Be grateful. Show your gratitude. It is a truly uplifting feeling. Research shows that grateful people are happy people. Life coaches now recommend that we must all take a few minutes of our day to list some things we are currently grateful for. (Hint: whenever you feel down, list things you are thankful for. It will heal you).
Many happy returns, dude. Now let’s go and get a drink

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