The Battle for Batman

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The three leading candidates candidates for the Batman electorate – David Feeney, Alex Bhathal and George Souris – discuss issues that affect the people of Batman and their policy priorities

It’s one of the longest election campaigns in 50 years, but the 2016 federal election looks to be a war of attrition and competing ideologies as parties attempt to woo swinging voters under the constant scrutiny of the media.
Batman electorate.Indian Link
Witnesses to the entire hullabaloo are the Indian voters, many of them migrants with no particular affinity to any party or sentiment, falling in the category of swinging voters. They seek to cut through the rhetoric and analyse the underlying issues in order to make an informed decision.
The Division of Batman in Melbourne’s northern suburbs was created in 1906. It takes its name from John Batman, one of the founders of the city of Melbourne. The division covers an area of approximately 66 square kilometres from Bundoora in the north to the Yarra in the south, with Merri Creek providing the vast majority of the western boundary and Darebin Creek providing the eastern boundary.
Batman electorate.Indian Link
Since 1910 this seat has been a safe Labor seat with only two historical losses in 1931 and 1966, but the contest this time around is a tight one. The incumbent candidate, Labor’s David Feeney holds the seat with a margin of 10.6%. However, his performance in the past few weeks of the campaign has featured several embarrassing blunders.
The Greens have now finished second to Labor in this sear at the past two elections. In 2010, the Liberal Party recommended preferences for the Greens but not in 2013. However, if the 2010 flows applied at the last election, the Greens’ Alex Bhathal would have been elected with a margin of 0.2%.
The third candidate from a major party in this seat is the Liberal’s George Souris who will be contesting the seat for the third time.
Indian Link spoke to the candidates for Batman – David Feeney, Alex Bhathal and George Souris – to discuss issues that affect the people of Batman and their policy priorities.
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Preeti Jabbal
Preeti Jabbal
Preeti is the Melbourne Coordinator of Indian Link.

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