State of Nostalgia: Telangana

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Dipanjali Rao shares her memories of Telangana

I love the intense frenzy of activity of our capital Hyderabad, seemingly unabated except for the dead of the night. Everything is an adventure in Hyderabad – crossing the road (I might not make it alive), getting on a bus (running to get on it) getting into an auto (arguing with the auto-wallah about how much I should pay him), eating chaat (jostling with scores of others who have the same idea). Never is a moment dull, never are the senses lulled.

Auto rickshaw- Telangana
Auto rickshaw- Telangana

Spending hours chatting with family, re-acquainting myself with Hyderabadi Urdu, eating delicious food, and attending the variety of cultural events that dot Hyderabad’s social calendar, is what I enjoy about going back home. I love Melbourne, but Hyderabad made me, and will always be home.

Dipanjali Rao IT Consultant (Melbourne)

Writer: Dipanjali (Telangana)
Writer: Dipanjali (Telangana)

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