State of Nostalgia: Maharashtra

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Jayant shares his memories of Maharashtra

The Ajanta and Ellora cave temples – the magnificent Kailas temple in particular – fill me with awe. Intricately carved, these World Heritage Sites are sculpted out of the huge mountainsides. The sculptors, master craftsmen, started at the top of the hill and chipped away to produce these superb structures that have stood the test of time. The well-known Bodhisattva Padmapani painting here is another highlight.

Harishchandragad- Maharashtra
Harishchandragad- Maharashtra

Less known to tourists is the ancient fort Harishchandragad. It’s a 7-hour trek to get there, but the 6th-century temple at the top and the view from the Konkad Cliffs are well worth it. If it’s raining, you might catch the magical sight of the Indravajra, a spectacular circular rainbow named after Indra’s bolt.

Jayant Bapat Retired academic (Melbourne)

Writer: Jayant (Maharashtra)
Writer: Jayant (Maharashtra)

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