SIBO Bi-Phasic diet or wholesome food, Auntyji?

Whether fancy new diet fads or good old desi khana, healthy habits are of prime importance to our dear Auntyji

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Dear Auntyji,

You know my choti si imli, my little saboodana, the only reason I am not calling you a kalankani is because you seem to actually genuinely care for your family – based on the fact that you like to cook wholesome meals, made with love and care. Any person who goes to this much effort to make different meals for members of her family, and is happy doing it is worthy of my admiration and respect. So kudos to you, I would definitely vote for you for mother of the year. But my dear lady, what kind of kalmouhi are you that you are questioning these things that Nikki is trying to do in order to improve her health? What makes you say this is not scientific? Are you now going to tell me that your kapha pita vata doshas are all wrong? I know you have lived out of India for 40 years, but our people have known all these things long before western scientists got involved. Who are you to question all these practices – just because you don’t understand them does not mean there is no basis to it. So I suggest you go look up this SIBO pibo – (kya naam bola? Ok, SIBO Bi-phasic diet), find out more about it and then maybe help Nikki on her path to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s in your best interest to support Nikki, because if there is a potential for a little Miki, Chiki or Vicki, down the line, you want to be right there, feeding kheer and gulab jamun to this little apple of your eye. All the best.

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