A brutally honest review of Bridgerton Season 3

Unravelling scandals, new characters and all things Regency-era that make or break Bridgerton this season.

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Ok, dearest gentle reader, the scandalous streets of Regency-era London have been buzzing once again with the release of Bridgerton Season 3. Amidst the grand balls, intricate plots, and steamy romances, this season dared to shake things up. But did it deliver the promised drama, or did it leave us longing for more? Let’s dissect the latest instalment of our beloved Bridgerton saga, shall we?

Dubbed one of the most anticipated love stories, Colin and Penelope’s courtship promised drama, scandal, and of course major saucy scenes. But I reckon it’s fair to say it only delivered on one of those things. Yup, the sauciness.

The one scene which was quite steamy, was added into the last ten minutes of episode 4 and I was almost certain they weren’t going to get through it and leave us hanging. But, I was surprised with how much thought had gone into this scene to show these characters were so comfortable with each other that they engaged in forbidden activities in a carriage!

But we’re friends… | Source: Netflix

But before we move on, let’s talk about how right Dua Lipa was when she said, “one kiss is all it takes?” That’s literally all it took for Colin to realise he loved Penelope! Don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet and everything, but I was expecting something more romantic rather than just being blown away by a kiss.

Now, I might be biassed, but I really missed Kanthony! Our resident desi girl Kathani Sharma shined as she adjusted to her role as Viscountess and don’t even get me started on her hair, make-up and oh the dresses! Such brilliant influences of Indian culture and while we only got to see them for the first episode, the entire plot of going back to their honeymoon was more than that of Simon, the Duke of Hastings. Dude dipped out for “other career opportunities,” but funny, we’ve only seen one project come out the last 5 years.

Bridgerton review
But we wanted more (Source: IMDb)

Something Bridgerton is famous for is the glow-up for main charcters  such as that of Anthony last year. Penelope Featherington underwent a remarkable glow-up this season, shedding her wallflower persona for a bold, empowered taste. But she wasn’t the only one. Her family, too, embraced growth, with Phillipa Featherington’s endearing naivety winning hearts and Portia Featherington facing impending chaos by pushing her daughters to get pregnant. Ah yes, nothing like a regency-style sex education.

But let’s not dwell on the disappointments, for Francesca Bridgerton, often overshadowed by her illustrious siblings, finally took centre stage. Her romance was like a lukewarm cup of tea. The sweet gestures, sneaky glances and blushy smiles exuded way more chemistry than Polin. If you haven’t read the books, I’m envious of the oblivious world you’re living in, because I am not prepared for her season.

It was so nice to see Violet get her own time in the spotlight! She’s so busy making sure her kids are alright that we often forget that she too has a life and desires of her own. She explicitly mentioned in Queen Charlotte that her “garden was in bloom” so it only makes sense for her character to gain a love interest. I, for one, am quite excited to see where this goes and how the Bridgerton siblings will react…

Bridgerton review
Something brewing: Lord Anderson and Violet Bridgerton  | Source: Netflix

In conclusion, Bridgerton Season 3 had its moments, but it left this reviewer feeling more frustrated than satisfied. From dropped plotlines to lacklustre romances, it’s clear the show’s lost some of its sparkle. So, here’s hoping the second half brings back the scandal we know and love. Until then, we’ll be bingeing something with a little more bite.

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