Ramadan in Lakemba

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During the recent period of Ramadan, Lakemba was transformed into a vibrant food bazaar, writes IZHAR KHAN

During Ramadan, the south-west Sydney suburb of Lakemba is transformed every night into a vibrant food festival that attracts hundreds of people to the streets to celebrate.

The recently concluded Islamic month of Ramadan, celebrated by Muslims, marks a time where followers fast from dawn until dusk without any food or water.

Many of the street food stalls open just before Iftar (the time when the fast is ended by having food or water) with many mouth-watering street food varieties and remain open until suhoor (the early hours of the morning when the fast starts). Not only members of the Muslim community, but other Australians also enjoy all types of cuisines including Middle Eastern, Malaysian, Indian, Pakistani.

The suburb of Lakemba has become a popular food hotspot that is boosting the local economy.

One of the visitors said, “We come here to buy everything , from famous camel burgers to the chicken kebabs”.

Popular items includes samosas, pakodas, Malaysian roti chanai,  sweet corn and various sweets, including Indian jalebis, Lebanese sahlab and baklava.

It’s truly a multicultural ceremony, where every person is invited to enjoy street food.

If you are passionate about food and enjoy all varieties of food from various parts of the world, this is a place not to be missed!


All photos: IZHAR KHAN

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