NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson Sends Best Wishes To Indian Community On Independence Day

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NSW Labor Leader John Robertson and Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Communities Guy Zangari have today conveyed their best wishes to the Indian community of NSW on Indian Independence Day

“Today is a moment of pride for the people of India and the entire Indian community of NSW,” Mr Robertson said.

“I join with all those celebrating the anniversary of Indian independence – the moment when a proud and accomplished people achieved their aspirations for statehood.

The bond between Australia and India is incredibly strong.

We are both dynamic, growing economies in the Asian region – glued together by shared values, parliamentary democracy and a steady flow of migration, tourism and trade.

The Indian community continues to show outstanding leadership across so many aspects of our State’s life.

The Labor Party of NSW considers the Indian community a good friend.

We will always stand with you against bigotry and discrimination – and in support of a society where all people are valued, respected and given the opportunity to reach their potential.

Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Communities Guy Zangari added: “I wish the Indian community the very best for Independence Day. It is a significant day for Indians and will be celebrated not just in India but by the vibrant diaspora of Indians around the world.

The Indian community makes a significant contribution to this country. They deserve to have this day to recognise their link between Australia and home.”


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