Never Have I Ever: Twitter Reacts to Season 4

SPOILER ALERT: Will season 4 finally put to rest some of Devi's biggest dilemmas?

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After 4 seasons of hijinx, humour and heartbreak, Netflix’s Never Have I Ever has come to an end. For the last three years, audiences have watched the chaos of Devi’s life, and all those around her, so saying goodbye was not an easy task!

The show has managed to capture hearts around the world, and many took to Twitter to share their thoughts and feelings about the show’s last season.

Of course, one of the most debated questions of Never Have I Ever is who Devi will end up with. After years of fans rooting for Team Ben or Team Paxton, the debate was finally settled in Season 4. After some awkward fumbles and missteps, Ben and Devi end up together, in a dramatic turn of events that included a romantic speech at Nirmala’s wedding.

While some viewers were overjoyed at this outcome, some took to Twitter to express their disappointment that Devi didn’t end up with their faves, including the show’s newest suitor, hot bad boy Ethan, who enjoyed a lot of love from fans.

Rest assured, it wasn’t just Devi’s romantic relationships that fans were discussing. All of the people in Devi’s life, whether these be her friends, Fabiola and Eleanor, or her mother Nalini and cousin Kamala, were an integral part of the series. While Nalini and Kamala end up with the men of their dreams, Fabiola and Eleanor are eagerly starting the next chapter of their lives.

Twitter users were quick to point out the bond shared by all these characters and Devi as being one of the most heartfelt parts of the show:

To the surprise of many, worlds collided at Nirmala’s wedding, from walking down the aisle to En Jeevan from Theri to having every character adorned in traditional Indian attire.

Now it goes without saying, one of the most spectacular scenes this season was when Kamala and Devi took to the stage at their Pati’s wedding. To the tune of Saami Saami from Pushpa, the duo brought out their best moves to stun not only wedding-goers but fans on Twitter. Even Srivalli herself Rashmika Mandanna couldn’t help but share her love for the musical moment.

Many viewers took the time to celebrate the show’s commitment to representing diverse cultures and experiences. As one of the only Netflix shows to have an Indian actor as the lead character, the show has always meant a lot to viewers who are hungry for South Asian representation in mainstream media.

Many commented on Devi’s ending prayer (prathna) during one of the last moments of the season, a tribute to her cultural heritage and identity.

Looking back at the show, fans were thankful for its ability to represent a young woman of colour in a complex, multi-faceted way, as she deals with the pressures of high school, relationships and grief. Many were overjoyed at Devi’s personal success, as she finally gets into Princeton, her dream college. Devi has been the poster child of ‘messy brown girls’ everywhere, something that deserves to be celebrated!

It’s no wonder that fans are finding it hard to say goodbye to Never Have I Ever. There was lots of love for the show in the Twitterverse, as its audience celebrated all the drama, laughter and tears it has brought us over its last 4 seasons.

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