My mum can sing – a look at Indian Link Radio’s Mother’s Day contest

The contest 'Main Bhi Kalaakar' (I’m an artiste too) was targeted at the mums of our community to showcase a hidden talent.


Sydney’s Arvinder Kaur Makkar debated with herself for two whole days before making the call. Ultimately, she gathered courage to pick up the phone, and dialled in to an Indian Link Radio show, to participate in an ongoing Mother’s Day contest.

The contest – Main Bhi Kalaakar (I’m an artiste too) targeted at the mums of our community to showcase a hidden talent.

Live on air, Arvinder presented her talent: singing. The number she picked: Madhaaniyaan, a traditional Punjabi wedding song.

Mother's Day.Indian Link

She packed in so much feeling in her presentation of this age-old number – which talks of the moment a young bride leaves her parental home – that the judges were blown over.

Arvinder Makkar, mum of two, walked away with the top prize in the Mother’s Day contest, appearing live on presenter Sagar Mehrotra’s show Sunday Matinee to accept her honour.

“It turned out to be a very special Mother’s Day this year,” Arvinder said later. “My kids Jas (24) and Nimar (18) and my husband Harpal were with me live on the special Mother’s Day broadcast, and were very proud of me.”

No less than 28 women participated in the contest which ran for two weeks, in an on-air contest conceived and delivered by Station Manager Ekta Sharma.

Mother's Day1.Indian Link

“Participants rang in on our live shows which are broadcast mornings and evenings, and presented a talent,” Ekta described to Indian Link. “The showcase ran the entire gamut from poetry to singing to shayaari to jokes, even mimicry. One entrant presented a motivational speech on the topic of harmonious relationships.”

In the end though, it was Arvinder’s haunting melody, and her characteristic gentle mannerism, that won the day.

“I couldn’t believe I had won,” Arvinder revealed, adding, “This was the first time ever that I had rung in to a radio station. I heard about the contest and thought I should participate, and then wondered about my talent. I’m not a great singer but I do love music – Hindi songs of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and some contemporary songs are part of my everyday life, and of course traditional Punjabi numbers. You could say I’m a good bathroom singer!”

Arvinder works for Sydney Trains, and after hours, at her Subway franchise. Indian Link Radio has become a regular companion, at lunch breaks and at home as she goes about her chores.

In many ways, the Mother’s Day contest was designed for women exactly like her: the intent was to present to our families that our mums are more than care-givers and bread-winners, that they are individuals with their own particular passions and loves, and that we must acknowledge and highlight these even as they nourish the very same in us.

Ekta Sharma concluded, “To all the entrants in this contest, and to others, I’d like to say, we are just a phone call away – call us and tell us your stories, and what’s happening in your inner world. Meanwhile, we have some more interesting competitions lined up for you. Coming up very shortly, two BridgeClimb tickets to be won. Tune in to find out how.”

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