Mindfulness coach Lajja Champaneria: Towards a better life

Instagram lessons on using the power of the mind to start seeing changes in your life

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Lajja Champaneria once had a vision that she was in front of a group of women, making an address.

Only weeks later, she was presenting her first workshop to a Sydney-based women’s group.

“My intuition is my power tool,” the 27-year-old tells Indian Link.

As a mindfulness and manifestation coach, Lajja claims she uses her positive energy to guide her followers manage the trials and tribulations of life.

On her Instagram account, she reveals how to develop your inner calm, ways to be best at workplace, how to start your self-discovery journey, how to become the joy you seek, how to be compassionate and the few affirmations that changed her own life.

Lajja making videos for her Instagram account

“My intuition, my power tool, has guided me to take decisions in my life,” the Mumbai-born Lajja Champaneria shares. “I wish to use the same tool and help people manifest the life of their dreams, turn everyday hustle into a meaningful life. My vision is to help people deal with their thoughts and use the power of their mind to start seeing changes in their life.”

Obviously, there are no “cheap tricks” to building a fulfilling life, she adds. “The key is to simply train your mind through mindful thinking and thought alteration.”

Finding her centre

For many years, Lajja’s life wasn’t as simple as it is today.

“As a child, I was creative, nerdy and curious yet shy just like my name,” she recalls. “Since I was an introvert, people would not realise my presence in the room… but I was always observing and upskilling myself right under their eyes. I performed pretty well all throughout my academic life. But I was also highly prone to depression and would fall in and out of it way too often and again, no one recognised this, including myself.”

Things started looking up in 2018, when she moved to Geelong to pursue a Masters in Architecture. “I had a creative knack for any form of design.”

Lajja, her surgeon dad and numerologist mom

Moving away not just brought in financial independence but also emotional resilience. “Just like other international students, I picked up all sorts of casual jobs to look after my cost of living and education.”

Fighting depression

But when she turned 25 during the 2020 pandemic, a “wave of depression” hit her “like a tsunami”.

“Only that this time I was aware of what was happening to me,” she says. “This particular period of my life was all about self-introspection, recognising the patterns, the repetitive cycles of friendships and relationships. The victim mindset I had and the skills I possessed which I never put to practise.”

This set her on the journey of mindset coaching. “I started engaging with people in the coaching industry, got into reading and conducting online seminars within small groups of people. During this period, I also manifested a job in Sydney after completing my education. Even when the circumstances looked so unfavourable with Covid-19 restrictions and the job market at risk, I managed to secure a job as a landscape architect.”

Free-spirited Lajja

This is the power we hold within us, she points out. “We all have it; we just need to nurture and grow that seed we possess inside of us.”

Now working as a landscape architect from 9 am to 5 pm, she dedicates her time from 5 pm to 9 pm in mindful coaching.

The world needs introverts like Lajja Champaneria.

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