Meet Deepak and Kajal, the spiritual parents on Channel 9’s ‘Parental Guidance’

TV viewers will get to see a parenting style defined by kindness, acceptance, gratitude and generosity.

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The Channel Nine parenting show that stirred conversations in Australia around parenting has made a comeback with Season 2. Hosted by Allison Langdon and Dr. Justin Coulson, Parental Guidance explores 12 very different parenting styles in depth and reveals how each would act in unique scenarios.

Amongst these brave parents who put their parenting methods to test are Deepak and Kajal, who lead a spiritual lifestyle rooted in Hindu traditions. Parents to Krishna and Mridula, they live in a multi-generational home of six, including Deepak’s parents. Despite their busy schedules (Deepak works in change and communications in IT and Kajal works as an early childhood educator), every evening the family embarks on a journey of meditation, chanting and prayers.


Spiritual parents, Parental Guidance, Deepak Kajal
Deepak and Kajal, the spiritual parents on Channel Nine’s ‘Parental Guidance’, with kids Krishna and Mridula (Source: Channel9)

So what made them put their parenting style to the ultimate test?

“We wanted to showcase how spiritual parenting is accessible to everyone,” Deepak tells Indian Link. “It doesn’t require people to follow rituals or a religion, all you need to do is believe in yourself. It involves kindness, acceptance, gratitude and generosity. We believe our children may possess spiritual wisdom beyond their years, having experienced multiple lifetimes through reincarnation.”

The audition process to be chosen for this show is quite rigorous and involves lots of selection rounds, but for Deepak and Kajal the path was already chosen. They were approached directly to participate in the show. While Deepak had visualised to be on this show since season one, his wife Kajal was not convinced.

“Neither did I want to show my parenting skills to the world, nor did I want my kids to be exposed on television. Then Deepak convinced me advising it’s not about us, but about representing our Indian community and spiritual beliefs,” reveals Kajal.

“We also made it very clear to the producers of the show that as Hindus we perform Hindu rituals and chant and we want to show what we are. We don’t have any hidden agenda nor are we here for name or fame,” Deepak says.

The parents admit they found it challenging to be ready for the show mentally. They also talked to their kids about the consequences of the possibility of facing appreciation and criticism at the same time.

During the show, the parents also receive feedback for their parenting choices which makes it challenging. But as spiritual parents Deepak and Kajal wish to avoid any form of shaming or judgement on other parenting styles. “We don’t need to judge others, it’s their children and choice. We aren’t here to give unsolicited advice. I wasn’t keen on giving feedback,” says Kajal.

In the past two episodes aired we have witnessed the ‘honest, outback, gentle and lighthouse’ parenting style, so how is their parenting style different to others?

“Other parenting styles look after the physical and intellectual well-being of the child. Our parenting takes a step forward by looking after the mental and spiritual well-being also. It’s a holistic approach. If a person is strong but mentally weak, even a highly successful person can’t function. Mental and spiritual strength is important for us.”

So as spiritual parents, what message do they want to give to the community?

“Our message is love, our religion is love, our language is love. We can bring spirituality in every aspect of life, it’s the underlying strength that will help you in each aspect of life. We have a social life, we have a family life, we have a professional life, but we also have a spiritual life.”

Parental Guidance will be streamed next week Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and the following week Sun, Mon and Tues.

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