"Me Time" in quarantine

While we lock ourselves up at home, why not explore doing some fun activities to keep the positivity flowing.

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While we lock ourselves up at home, why not explore doing some fun activities to keep the positivity flowing

As we battle the global COVID-19 pandemic together and united, staying at home, being in lock down can be depressing on most of us who lead a active and busy lifestyle otherwise.

Why not incorporate some activities in your home routine, clear up sundry pending work or indulge in some creative DIY crafts. Read more:

Clean up your home


Our home is the sanctuary of peace. This is the perfect time to “spring clean” your abode. Get the dirt and grime of your house, install new curtains, take care of your vintage as well as modern furniture. 

Feed your brain


In modern times, we all are guilty of dwindling reading habits. Be it your tablet or a good old book, there is nothing better than finishing up that never ending book or start reading up new things.

Do some fun DIY artwork

Paper Mache

When was the last time we did some at-home artwork, may be as a part of our school curriculum? Try Paper Mache and create some simple yet beautiful pieces. All you need is a bunch of old newspaper, bottles of poster colours in multiple shades, some glue and solid moulds, which can be your utensils, flower vase or any knick-knacks at home.

Take care of your skin

Face Mask

Pollution takes a heavy toll on your skin. Most of us are either lazy or time-scrunched to follow a proper regime. Just put on some face mask according to your skin type and carry on your regular house work, chill or watch a movie.

Nourish your body


Cooking is meditating with your eyes open, as per some views. Why not look at the ingredients in our fridge, and try our hands in treating ourselves and loved ones with a hearty, wholesome meal. It can be a perfect way to nourish our body and partnerships.

Prioritising mental health


Stress and depression is some of the many vices of modern lifestyle. Often in the rat race of life, we forget to nourish our mind. This is the perfect time to do some soul searching. Meditation, indulge in spiritual practices, or yoga can be the perfect answer to resolve such worries. Practice simple rituals like lighting scented candles, incense, keeping positive crystals around to soak in positivity and weed out negative vibes.

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