India visit for Leader of the Opposition Peter Dutton

During his visit to India, Mr Dutton will engage in a series of high-profile meetings with political representatives and business leaders

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The Leader of the Australian Opposition Peter Dutton is set to undertake a significant diplomatic journey to Delhi, India, from November 1 to November 4, 2023. In a press release issued yesterday, Dutton’s office announced the details of his visit, highlighting the essential objectives of his trip and the significance of Australia’s relationship with India.

Peter Dutton’s India visit will see him engage in a series of high-profile meetings with political representatives and business leaders, underscoring the importance of strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations. Additionally, he will visit organisations supporting schooling and education programs, demonstrating Australia’s commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and fostering human capital development.

A prominent highlight of the visit is Dutton’s participation in an event at the India-Australia Strategic Alliance, which further underscores the growing significance of the Indo-Pacific region in global geopolitics. The alliance aims to promote cooperation and collaboration between the two nations in various sectors, including economic, security, and social aspects.

Australia takes immense pride in its strong and vibrant Indian community, comprising approximately 800,000 Australians with Indian heritage. The Indian community’s contributions to the nation across various fields have been integral to modern Australia and have played a crucial role in its migration and multicultural success.

Under the former Coalition Government, Australia and India elevated their bilateral relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in June 2020, marking a significant milestone in their partnership. Furthermore, in April 2022, the two countries signed the historic Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement, ushering in new opportunities for industries and businesses from both nations.

Peter Dutton’s visit to India is anticipated to bolster this relationship further, focusing on enhancing cooperation in various sectors, including trade, security, and cultural exchange.

Accompanying Mr Peter Dutton on this mission is Jason Wood MP, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs. During the Opposition Leader’s absence, Sussan Ley MP will act as the Leader of the Opposition, ensuring the continuity of leadership during this diplomatic mission.

Dutton’s India visit underscores the importance of strong international partnerships and demonstrates Australia’s commitment to fostering global relationships in the Indo-Pacific region. The trip is expected further to strengthen the longstanding bonds between the two nations, fostering a climate of cooperation, trust, and prosperity.

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