Largest Indian property expo hits Sydney

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Australian NRIs are invited to learn about the Indian economy and how to make use of the opportunities for property purchases and investment

While the Indian economy has been on an upward trajectory for the past 15 years, a number of business and investment opportunities have surfaced in the nation, and India is looked at by countries across the world as a major destination for investment. Governments across the world, including Australia, run numerous forums to expand trade relationship with India.

What it means for a common NRI settled outside India

When we hear about Indian GDP being the fastest growing GDP in the world, how do we participate in this growth and what are the underlying risks? There are few types of investments that NRIs can look at including direct shares, mutual funds, fixed deposits and property.
Investing in real estate has always been close to the heart of Indian diaspora, whether it is in the country of their residence or India. Year on year NRIs across the globe have been remitting billions of dollars back to India. A good chunk of this money lands up in Indian eeal estate and hence it is imperative to understand the opportunity and the underlying risks of investing in the Indian property market.
NRIs living thousands of miles away from India are often disadvantaged when it comes to property investment in India as whenever they visit India they have limited time and resources to do proper due diligence of the projects and they often end up buying properties form brokers and property dealers who barely understand NRI requirements such as product evaluation, transparency, remittance, repatriation, taxation etc. There is always a certain level of service expectation from NRIs and this point is often missed by the Indian Service Providers.

Vishal Gupta from SumoGlobal Wealth

Financially as well, NRIs fail to get the best deals due to the pressure of decision making when they are in India. The best inventory of the property stock is usually absorbed by the local buyers and if there is any special offering, it hardly gets to the NRIs as they are miles away from the product.
To bridge this gap and bring Australian NRIs on a level playing platform, Sumo Global and India Events have invited a number of reputed developers from all over India to showcase their projects and offer Australia-specific deals. This is a free event and we invite the patrons of Indian Link to come and make use of this opportunity where not only products can be sold, but an immense amount of knowledge sharing will also happen on the Indian Property Market. This event is scheduled on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 July at Novotel Parramatta.
To register for this event you can go to www.indiaevents.com.au

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