Indian PM Modi extends support for Australian Sikh Games 2023

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The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent a message to the Australian National Sikh Sports and Cultural Council in Brisbane about the 35th Australian Sikh Games 2023. In the letter, Mr Modi mentioned the teachings of the holy Gurus, emphasizing the importance of physical health, spiritual growth, teamwork, and bringing people of different backgrounds together.

He expressed his support for the Sikh community’s involvement in sports, fitness, and teamwork. Mr Modi also highlighted the relevance of these concepts in the world of sports, where people from different social backgrounds come together to participate on an equal platform.


PM Modi expressed his support for the event, saying, “I am sure that this initiative will enhance the love and affection for our diaspora not just in Australia, but across the world.”

He said, “The Indian diaspora has carved out a niche for itself in the global landscape, and these Games are yet another example of it. I am sure that this initiative will enhance the love and affection for our diaspora not just in Australia, but across the world,” said Mr Modi in his letter

In the message, PM Modi spoke about his recent attendance at the India-Australia cricket match with Australian PM Anthony Albanese, emphasizing the strong partnership between the two countries in growth and success. He stated, “India and Australia have several commonalities – a connected history, shared values, love for democracy, and respect for a rules-based international order. We are also strong partners in progress and prosperity.”

The Australian Sikh Games is an annual event that celebrates the rich heritage and tradition of the Sikh community in Australia. The event includes a range of sports competitions, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tug-of-war, as well as cultural performances, such as bhangra and giddha. The event also features food stalls, entertainment, and cultural exhibitions, allowing visitors to learn more about the Sikh community and its traditions.

Held annually by the Australian National Sikh Sports and Cultural Council, the Games are hosted by different cities, the hosts in 2023 being Gold Coast.

The Australian Sikh Games aims to promote the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and community spirit, while also celebrating the unique cultural identity of the Sikh community. The event provides an opportunity for Sikhs from all over Australia to come together, compete, and share in the joy and camaraderie of the event.

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