Outdoor winter entertaining: tips for landscaping features

We may not be entertaining now, but it’s the perfect time to get your outdoor space winter-ready for next year, writes GOPIKA S

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So you’re locked down and are missing having friends and family over.

Well, what better time to think about entertaining – or rather, how to go about your entertaining! Get out into your backyard, and see what you can do now to have your place all ready for party time come next winter!

Here are some tips for outdoor winter entertaining.

Garden Lighting

Illuminate your personal surroundings with clever lighting. Throw some light over trees with smooth barks, foliage plants, walls, pathways, entertaining areas, garden sculptures if you have any. Lightscaping your outdoor space will not only fulfill the functional needs of the space but also add aesthetic quality after dark. Lighting your outdoor space also prevents trip/fall hazards and provides safety. There are a plethora of choices when it comes to solar lights in the market: choose a quality one that will last longer. A well-designed garden with lights encourages us to venture out.

Firepit and Seating

Warm food and heat – these are two essentials for winter entertaining. Add in the magic of a fire pit, and you’re bound to have a memorable evening. Fire pits create an inviting space like little else, providing more reason to linger outside than crouched inside. Have your seats either built-in or position loose furniture around. (Do note though, fire pits come with safety considerations, such as avoiding enclosed or unventilated areas and overhead branches. So ensure you have that sorted out before throwing in that pinecone fire starter.

Outdoor seating layout
Outdoor seating layout. Source: Canva

Garden Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, comfort and durability play a vital role. There are loads of options out there that add style to these. Look for designs best suited for positioning, such as in the patio, around the pool, or around the fire pit. For guests, experiment with furniture arrangements to create ambience as well as to build small intimate spaces to enjoy your outdoor area.

Garden furniture idea
Garden furniture idea. Source: Canva

Outdoor Heating

The fire pit may be an intimate setting for its warmth, but the clever use of outdoor heating can set up a similar ambience. Choose heating for the patio, underneath the pergola and near the pool. With plenty of options to suit your taste and budget, you can continue entertaining outdoors through the winter months.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are worth the money if you have a large patio and alfresco area for entertaining. You will be sheltered from the elements, and it will create an ideal space for entertaining all year round. Choose the blinds that fulfill your needs and fits your budget.

Outdoor Cooking

Now, this is a great way for relaxed entertainment. Most modern homes have the inside of the house connected with the outside by means of an alfresco or patio. Installing an outdoor kitchen with either a built-in barbeque or stove enhances the functionality and ambience of the alfresco or patio. When planning, ensure you position your outdoor cooking in close proximity to your existing inside the kitchen for ease and access while entertaining.

Outdoor cooking area
Outdoor cooking area. Source: Canva

A combo of lighting, furniture, warmth, and food will make your outdoor space more appealing not only in winter but throughout the year.

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