How to show your love this Mother’s Day

Ten (with four last-minute) gift ideas for your Indian Mum. By Iqra Saeed

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If you’ve left your Mother’s Day gift a little late this year, we are here to rescue you.

Indian breakfast
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1.Make her breakfast

Starting with a simple, yet true classic idea: preparing your Mum’s breakfast for her on Sunday morning regardless of your cooking expertise. If you are part of the group that struggles with even making good chai, then take the criticism as love today (and make sure to clean up afterwards!)

Stroll along pink flowers
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2. Morning stroll

Sometimes, all your Mum needs is a refreshing stroll and good conversation. Again, a simple idea that you can jazz up by becoming familiar with scenic routes in your neighbourhood (which won’t be too difficult thanks to infamous COVID strolls), like the lady down the street with a blooming garden that your Mum may or may not be envious of and tempted to take clippings from.

3. Personalised mug and quality chai

This can be done as a DIY project with plain ceramic mugs and permanent markers or found online with a quick search that will leave you with endless options. And even though the black loose-leaf chai found in your pantry may just be in a big plastic container from your local Indian grocer, give your Mum more options by buying her some specialised tea. This can be an alternative Assam tealeaf from a specialised tea store, or a new herbal tea that you think she may enjoy, chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint ─ the tea world is vast!

Pouring tea from flask into cup
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4. Insulated flask

One last mention of the noble chai, but if your Mum is a chai fanatic and is always on the go, let her enjoy a cup of homemade brewed chai by gifting her with an insulated flask or travel mug (depending on her chai reliance).

Putting oil in hair
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5. Pampering: hair oiling

Some of my fondest memories with my Mum, and even my Nani, is when I would crouch on the floor, lean on their legs, and have oil massaged into my hair – the smell of Amla oil lingering in our living room. In Ayurvedic medicine, this gooseberry-based oil that is rich in Vitamin C is healing, it cleans the scalp and moisturises and strengthens the hair. But the effects of hair-oiling go beyond the physical, with the undeniable tradition of bonding that the practice inherently has. So, this Mother’s Day, reciprocate that bond by grabbing your household oil (which can range from Amla, sesame or coconut oil, or even a homemade concoction), and massage your adoration for your Mum into her hair.

essential oils
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6. Skincare hamper

To make our mothers feel as beautiful as they are, why not put together a special skincare hamper for her! Find out what type of skin she has (normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive) for an even more personalised and nourishing gift. Rosewater, lemon oil, rosemary oil, and chamomile oil are some good essential products that are natural and free of harsh chemicals. If she already has a skincare routine, you can top up her products to ensure she is covered for the next few months.

7. Candles

Candles are a good gift simply because of their range. You can get a candle scented with almost anything and even anyplace nowadays. Some of the many options include the classic floral germanium or white rose, to the more niche Gulab Jamun or Barfi scented candles on the market. The world is your candle!

8. Custom notes

Some of the most memorable gifts are handmade, and written notes or letters have long been a sign of love and appreciation. You can get creative with this one and can customise it for the special mothers in your life. For your mother’s gift, write a message for each year of your life (or if it’s for your partner, for each year that you have had children) where you can give her the reasons why you love her or your most memorable moments with her. Collate the notes in a clear jar for safekeeping and decorate it with the family for an added activity.

Bouquet of pink tulips
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9. Bouquet

Flowers typically are a form of language. One of the traditional flowers in Australia to give to your mother on this special day are chrysanthemums (also called mums) and like most flower-giving, each colour has a different meaning: Pink symbolises honest love, whilst red is motherly love.

If the flowers are for your partner, red tulips are a declaration of deep love, whilst pink symbolises happiness.

Carnations are another popular Mother’s Day gift, light red denotes admiration, and for children with mother’s that have passed away, white carnation’s are emblematic of a mother’s perpetual love.

10. The classic: Let her relax

Ending with the ultimate last-minute gift. If you’ve woken up after your Mum, can’t make her breakfast and have missed the prime time to go for a morning stroll, then taking away her stress for the day is your last resort. Especially if you still live with her and she does most of the housework!

Our mothers do so much for us, a Mother’s Day gift is just one small fragment of how you should show your appreciation for her, which ultimately should extend to the rest of the year as well.

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