Heartbreak High Season 2: Sex, lies and social issues

Every episode is a slay and will have you pressing "watch next episode" until it's finished

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After binge-watching the second season of Heartbreak High over the weekend, released only last Thursday, it’s safe to say there definitely will be a third season! Or at least, we hope there will be, right, Netflix? 

The much-anticipated return of the show, headlined by Indian-Australian actor Ayesha Madon is an unhinged masterpiece that throws major shade at the wild world of high school. Following the lives of culturally and neurologically diverse characters experiencing the bowels of Aussie schools, the show boasts multiple moments of hilarious dialogue delivery which left us in splits. But, buckle up, because this season gets even wilder and way more ~saucy~ than we thought possible.

The OG crew, Amerie and her besties, are back on the scene, but this time they’re on a mission to unmask the creepy “bird psycho” stalking the halls. In the midst of all this drama, expect major sexual awakenings, savage new rivalries, and some seriously steamy relationships. Oh also, Hartley High just welcomed a bunch of new characters too, from a misogynistic PE teacher who low-key terrifies everyone, to a student straight outta Dubbo, and a celibacy advocate who’s, well, let’s just say interesting. This crew is definitely adding some extra spice to the already chaotic mix at Hartley.

Warning: this season’s serving some major side-eye. It’s way more controversial than the last, diving into some deep stuff like the complexities of modern feminism and the BRUTAL effects of bullying. Things are about to get real at Heartbreak High. Get this: there’s a whole new faction at Hartley High – the “Puriteens” who are all about abstinence (like, seriously, who even says that word anymore?) Then there’s the “Cumlords” who basically hate anything remotely woke. These two groups are constantly clashing with the established, feminist-leaning crew in the “SLTs.” It’s basically a social media war come to life, sparking debates about feminism vs. misandry that’ll have you screaming at the screen. 

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We see Harper get publicly roasted for her past choices, with the “Puriteens” blaming her for that whole messed up situation last season (you know, the one where she was drugged and almost assaulted? No, it wasn’t her fault!). It’s messed up, but hey, this drama definitely adds some depth to Harper’s character as she learns to boss up and move on to better things. 

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the whole season of Heartbreak High. 

Okay, spill the tea about Rowan. This seemingly sweet country dude who just moved to the big city pretty much becomes one of the most complex characters on the show. Turns out, he holds Amerie responsible for the death of his younger brother, and let’s just say he doesn’t exactly handle it maturely. He terrorises her with dead birds (seriously, creepy AF) and tries to ruin her rep at every turn. This storyline is a dark but important one, showing the devastating effects of bullying and how it can totally mess you up. 

Heartbreak High
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On a personal level, we found Ca$h’s relationship with his grandma too cute for words and can we just say, she’s got good game (IYKYK).  His whole personality this season was just chef’s kiss! The whole eshay dance with a random guy and his care for Darren and their friends is going to make you feel single AF. 

Ayesha Madon absolutely kills it as Amerie. She’s relatable AF as she navigates the chaotic world of high school, friendships, and that ever-changing social ladder. We’ve all been there, right? 

Heartbreak High’s success lies in its ability to seamlessly blend humour, drama, and social commentary in a way that’s actually entertaining. It doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff, and the characters are real enough to crawl through your screen. 

Basically, if you’re down for a healthy dose of teenage rebellion with a conscience, this show is your jam.

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