Happy Republic Day!

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It is an honour to send my best wishes to the Indian community of New South Wales on the occasion of India Republic Day

On 26 January 1950 the Constitution of India came into force, marking the birth of the Indian Republic. It is a happy coincidence that Indian Republic Day and Australia Day fall on the same date, marking significant milestones in the development of our respective democracies.
The historic bonds between the people of our two great nations continue to flourish. Over mothe sharing of cultural experience.
While India and Australia remain proud members of the Commonwealth of Nations, we have forged our own unique national identities. On 26 January we both celebrate events which have shaped our place in the world today.
New South Wales is very fortunate to have a vibrant and active Indian-Australian community whose members make an immense contribution to the economic and cultural development of our State.
Today nearly 100,000 Indian born residents call New South Wales home, with an additional 130,000 coming from Indian ancestry.
The enthusiasm of the Indian-Australian community, with its strong sense of civic duty, has built a solid foundation for our harmonious multicultural society in New South Wales.
I wish everyone in the Indian-Australian community a joyous celebration and great prosperity throughout 2015.

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