Gold and silver coins for Diwali: ABC Bullion

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ABC Bullion, Australasia’s largest independent precious metals and bullion dealer, has launched two new, limited-edition products – gold and silver coins embossed with Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity in celebration of Diwali at an exclusive event attended by prominent Indian community and business leaders on 30 August 2022.

ABC Bullion’s Diwali coins are part of the annual mintage and the exquisitely crafted 5g gold coin and 1oz silver coins are expected to sell out in anticipation of the festival of lights, which is celebrated by one of the largest and fastest growing diasporas in Australia.

The Indian diaspora has registered 47 per cent growth in the past four years according to Census 2021.

Janie Simpson, Managing Director of ABC Bullion, said: “ABC Bullion is a leading and inclusive organisation who understands their customers’ special needs, especially aligned to festive periods such as Diwali. Australian Indians have made significant contributions to the Australian economy and enriched our multicultural society. To celebrate Indian people, culture, and accomplishments, we wanted to create something specifically for this flourishing community which we hope will be well received. Diwali celebrations are the perfect opportunity to tap into the very auspicious tradition of buying gold and silver among Indians.”

Each coin is backed by its purity certificate and comes in a luxurious presentation box. These limited-edition Diwali coins will be available for purchase on a special Diwali link on the ABC Bullion website which will go live from 20th September 2022 onwards. Stay tuned for updates via social media.

Australian Indian CEO, Sheba Nandkeolyar from MultiConnexions Group, said: “I am absolutely blown away by the beauty of these intricately designed Diwali limited-edition silver and gold coins. What a gift to the Australian Indian community, who will be celebrating Diwali next month. ABC Bullion is certainly an organisation which connects with the hearts of their audience and understands their special needs.”

Prominent Indian community and business leaders at the VIP launch praised ABC Bullion’s initiative of crafting these beautiful gold and silver coins for Diwali and expressed their eagerness to purchase as soon as they were available.

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