Auntyji: You doing the dishes, honey?

Are you a stay-at-home mother and tired of doing all the ghar ke kaam alone? Here's Auntyji's advice (take it or leave it)

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Dear Auntyji 

I am a 55-year-old woman and for the last 5 years I have mostly stayed at home after I left my corporate job. My husband gets paid as a senior executive so we decided that I didn’t need to work if I didn’t want to.

My 30-year-old son still lives at home, and he has recently invited his wife-to-be to come live with us. She is a cardiologist. Now Auntyji, the trouble is this. My son is a lawyer and my future DIL is a doctor – so they work really long hours. And while I do all the cooking for everyone, sometimes they don’t clean the kitchen or the house. And I don’t feel it’s fair that I have to clean our home. They always mention that they are grateful I clean up, but still, I think they should clean the house. Do you think I should say something? I mean, it’s not that much effort really, but shouldn’t they be doing all this themselves? I mean, I am not the maid, am I?

Aap ki kya rai hai?

Auntyji says 

What kind of a dayan are you that you have no idea of seva? Your patidev is an executive and you have a lawyer and a doctor in your house, all with gainful employment and being productive, and a jaahil bekarin like yourself finds a reason to complain? You are the one person in the house with the most time – and you could be making such a huge contribution to the lives of your family members. 

Please tell me that you cook beautiful food for your family? And that you try to make your home comfortable and lovely for all members to enjoy. Please tell me that you look for ways to ensure that each member of the family feels supported and cherished in every way possible – and if that means you clean up after everyone, then so be it. 

Judging by your entitled attitude, I suspect you are a churail who does not appreciate your loving family – and you are like a parasite for expecting your husband to take care of you while you sit there watching Netflix and eating gulab jamun all day long. Arre, besharam aurat, adjust your attitude. You are so lucky to have such a high-achieving family who are doing good. It’s time you stepped up and learnt what seva means. 

By the way, have you considered the possibility that your husband might decide that you are a lazy good-for-nothing, and that he wants to upgrade to a better model? What will you do then? Start earning your way, my little kalmouhi. Nothing good comes from having uncharitable thoughts about your family. You may as well look up and spit. 

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