Find your new favourite yoga influencer this International Yoga Day

Whether you’re just getting started or up for a challenge, there’s yoga content for everyone to enjoy on International Day of Yoga.

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So it’s the UN’s International Day of Yoga and you’ve got a hankering to try some asanas. If Modi ji can do it, why can’t you, right?

But when you open Instagram, you’re confronted with a slew of green concoctions and activewear – where do you start? Don’t stress – Indian Link’s list is sure to have a yoga influencer that’ll get you moving.


For those who want to ease their way into yoga, look no further than ANSHUKA YOGA’S quick and easy poses, targeting everything from bloating to muscle stiffness.

Anshuka Parwani teaches Yogalates, a style of exercise that combines the benefits of both Mat Yoga and Mat Pilates to maximise the benefits of Yoga. Her method delivered stunning results for Kareena Kapoor Khan post-pregnancy.


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If you’re looking for motivation and body positivity alongside your daily exercise, NATASHA NOEL has got you covered.

Natasha’s energetic attitude breaks down stereotypes, challenging followers to love their flaws and be patient with their bodies. This yoga influencer builds physical and emotional strength, promoting self-growth and healing via the practice of yoga.


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Do you want to up the anti and push your body to the limit? RADHIKA BOSE has got the content for you.

Nine years of yoga practice has netted Radhika a sizable 555k Instagram followers, who tune in to see the yoga influencer attempt yoga challenges, high intensity full body workouts tutorials and her hot takes in her #realtalk videos.


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For those of you struggling to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle, NEHA BANGIA will show you how to be a super mummy!

Neha is a fitness & lifestyle blogger, a Reebok & ACE trainer, a FLR Pilates trainer, and a mother of two kids, so she’s no stranger to making time for her body amidst other demands. Her videos are a must see if you’re a busy mum or looking to get fit at any stage of pregnancy.


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If yoga is not your forte, or you’re not in the mood to move, sit back and admire the artistry of SUVI CHOUDHURY’S yoga school.

Suvi’s Yoga House teach a variety of yoga disciplines, such as Ashtanga Vinyasa (L1 & L2), therapeutic yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Airo yoga. It’s hard not to be impressed as her students twist and glide spectacularly through the air, displaying great acrobatic prowess.


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Wednesday 21 June is the UN’s 9th International Day of Yoga, aiming to raise awareness of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

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