Sutr Santati: contemporary Indian textiles at Melb Museum

Discover a rich tapestry of Indian textiles as Melbourne Museum honours the heritage and evolution of the country's cultural fabric.

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An exciting exhibition of contemporary Indian textiles, Sutr Santati: Then. Now. Next. Stories of India woven in thread is on display at Melbourne Museum until 3 September.  This extraordinary showcase takes visitors on a journey through the diverse and enchanting world of Indian textiles, celebrating the country’s rich cultural heritage and its modern creative expressions.

Indian textiles exhibition
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Curated meticulously by Lavina Baldota of Abheraj Baldota Foundation, Sutr Santati: Then. Now. Next. Stories of India woven in thread features a stunning array of hand-woven fabrics, intricate embroideries, and experimental textile techniques. From the timeless elegance of silk and cotton to the earthy charm of jute and linen, the textiles on display represent the vast range of materials utilized in contemporary Indian design.

Showcasing the seamless integration of traditional techniques with contemporary sensibilities, the exhibition displays examples of block-printed sarees with bold patterns, hand-painted shawls merging ancient motifs with abstract designs, and digitally printed textiles that blend ancient stories with futuristic concepts.

Indian fabric close up
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In an era increasingly focused on sustainable fashion, the exhibition pays homage to the eco-conscious practices of Indian textile artisans. Many of the designers whose work is featured in the exhibition prioritize organic materials and natural dyes.

This exhibition of contemporary Indian textiles is a celebration of the country’s rich textile heritage and its modern evolution. It showcases the diverse regional styles, innovative design techniques, and sustainable practices that make Indian textiles a true standout. This vibrant exhibition serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Indian textiles and their place in the global world of art and fashion.

Indian textiles exhibition
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Sutr Santati: Then. Now. Next. Stories of India woven in thread is a visually stunning exploration of India’s cultural heritage and will appeal to art, design, fashion and craft enthusiasts alike.

Sutr Santati: Then. Now. Next. Stories of India woven in thread is open now until 3 September 2023 at Melbourne Museum.

For further information visit the Melbourne Museum website.

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