Ep 4: How Indian Australians can learn more about Aboriginal culture

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This week I discuss how Indians in Australia can learn more about Indigenous Australian culture. Indu Balachandran from the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence explains the best way to go about it.

For migrants, especially new migrants, Aboriginal culture might not be incredibly visible, writer Roanna Gonsalves sheds light on the reasons behind this gap in knowledge.



  1. The Uluru Statement
  2. Melissa Lucashenko – Too Much Lip, winner of Miles Franklin Literary Award, 2019
  3. Ellen Van Neerven – Throat, collection of poems
  4. Jeanine Lane – Purple Threads, winner of David Unaipon Award
  5. Lionel Fogarty’s – Yoogum Yoogum, collection of poems


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Bageshri Savyasachi
Bageshri Savyasachi
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