Back to WFH: Funny tweets about working from home (again)

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Let’s face it: for many of us, WFH always sounds great… in theory. Whether it’s the kids, construction noises outside, or the temptation of Netflix, it’s not too hard to get distracted.

So grab your favourite mug of coffee and settle in, we’ve gathered some of the funniest tweets about life back at the “home office” (the walk from your bed to the desk counts!)

Learning new things about your partner

How do you politely tell the pet you love to go away?

Finding sneaky ways to fit in some ‘me-time’

What’s that saying about work-life balance again?

We’ve all been here: chucking on some decent clothes for an unexpected video call…

Ever wondered how your pet feels about WFH life?

Remember what daily commutes used to feel like?

Sometimes, you just can’t be on top of it all. And that’s okay!

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