COVID 19: Seven things to do at home during Quarantine!

A few fun ideas to keep the spirits up and positivity going!

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A few fun ideas to keep the spirits up and positivity going!

The world is going through a tough time but remember that we’re together. Some of us are in quarantine with our family while some of us are living alone in other cities or countries. 

While you are all feeling stuck or bored in this quarantine, we bring you a list of a few ideas to keep the spirits up and positivity going!

Skincare Session
Now is the time to put that clay face mask that has been resting in your cabinet. Or you can whip up some DIY Face mask with ease from your kitchen ingredients. Ask your parents or sibling to join you in a skincare session. This will be a wonderful opportunity to bond with your loved ones. If you’re living alone then indulge, girl. Give yourself a break.

Paint Your Toes!
How about honing your inner artist and creating some art on a canvas, I mean… toes and tips. You never know, you might discover the artist inside you. And if you’re a bride-to-be this is the best time to try out some really cool nair art all by yourself. 

Decor Decor Decor
Trust me when I say this, you’re never going to put up those fairy lights. You’ve been avoiding it for a long but now’s the time! Put up those lights and artsy pieces and add a new life to your room. 

Talk To Your Plants
Did you know that there are a lot of studies that recommend this? Talking to your plants not only nurtures them but proves therapeutic to us as well. Studies also suggest that plants can respond to music as well. Interesting, right?

Read That Book
A lot of us are guilty of buying a book, promising to read it and then eventually delaying it. Now is the time to blow the dust off from those books and escape into a wonderful world without leaving the room. If reading is not your thing, maybe it’s time for you to add a skill or two in your kitty by taking an online course you always were interested in. Think about it. 

Dress Up!
Wear that dress you’ve been meaning to wear. Most of us have been working from home which ensures that there’s a set timetable despite anything. Wear nice clothes instead of sitting in your pajamas and your mood will automatically lift. 

Block Negativity
With self-isolation, we’re all doing our bit. Don’t indulge in the news if it gives you anxiety, allow yourself a ‘worry period’. Worry about things to your heart’s content then concentrate on something for the rest of the day.

If you are planning your wedding this quarantine time is a good time to do research / incorporate all the fun ideas you didn’t have time to think about earlier!

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