Chilling out over summer

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It’s time to go back to school, tell us how you spent your holidays…

Annoying my family till they are forced to do this!
Manan Luthra, St Ives NSW

 Enjoying the great outdoors on multiple camping trips.
Sarina Patel, Wahroonga NSW

Being at the cricket, one of my top favourite summer activities.
Ekalavya Wango, Parramatta NSW

Monkeying around with my new best friend.
Devna Luthra, St Ives NSW

Raiding Mum’s makeup cupboard when my besties came over!
Manvi Rastogi, Ashfield NSW

Loving our first white winter in the US! This is us at Central Park in New York.
Simren and Mala Samrai, Pymble NSW

Sleeping in!
Nikeeta Bhatia, St Ives NSW

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