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This month Indian Link celebrates its 23rd year

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For the team at Indian Link, it is like any other time of the year. The pressure of meeting deadlines hangs over our heads as I write this. The office scrambles to ensure that every page is checked and rechecked: like every other fortnight, the content has been scrupulously planned, written, edited and designed; thought has gone into how to intersperse it all with the advertising, which, though a driver of the business, is not reduced to pure deal making to bring in the revenue. The final eye will soon be cast over ‘the book’, as we call it, and it will all be sent off to the printers.
With this issue we close our 22nd year in operation. As I take a look back at our triumphs and our tribulations, let me, as CEO, let you in on a secret.
Having made it as the most awarded multicultural media group in Australia, we know our accomplishments did not happen by accident. We have set ourselves here at Indian Link Media Group some tenets which form the cornerstone of all that we do. Number One is that our job is to be true to our constituents, i.e. Australia’s Indian community and others with an interest in India. Will our content – whether in print, on the airwaves or on social media – educate and inform our community? If the answer is yes, then it will be newsworthy. If the content is simply intended to fill pages, and has no relevance to our intended audience, we know there will be other takers.
Secondly, we will prosecute any argument which will inspire our community to achieve more. We remain in need role models in our community, and there are plenty of silent achievers amongst us. We will continue to dig deep – looking beyond the limelight-loving seekers of attention – to find the real gems in our society.
Thirdly, we will not race down to the bottom for the advertising dollar. Once your integrity is compromised, it is only a matter of time until your ethics are lost. And yes, last but most importantly, we want to continue to have fun doing what we are doing!
Going forward, we are excited by what new forms of technology have to offer as our industry changes. We stand firm in our belief that new developments give us more opportunities to connect with our community and others. Our humble 24-page monthly black-and-white edition of the newspaper is now a fortnightly 60-odd page full colour gloss in Sydney, and Indian Link appears monthly in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth.
Our 24/7 radio is now free on all forms of digital platforms and is reaching out to listeners as far as Cyprus, Seoul and Afghanistan.
We love the chatter on our Facebook page as people tell us what they feel (sometimes brutally honestly) and it gives us great pleasure to tweet about happenings as they unfold. Our newest addition, the Indian Link YouTube channel is going strong as we explore fun as well as educational issues from contemporary times: who knew we would garner 27,000+ views on What Aussies Know About Ganesha? The possibilities with all these new platforms are exciting us greatly as we continue on our mission to tell the Indian story in Australia.
Through our print, audio, social and digital platforms, we will continue to find new ways with connect members of our tribe.
As we mark our anniversary and move forward into our 23rd year, we thank you all for allowing us to be part of your lives.

Pawan Luthra
Pawan Luthra
Pawan is the publisher of Indian Link and is one of Indian Link's founders. He writes the Editorial section.

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