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Prutha Bhosle Chakraborty is a freelance journalist. With over nine years of experience in different Indian newsrooms, she has worked both as a reporter and a copy editor. She writes on community, health, food and culture. She has widely covered the Indian diaspora, the expat community, embassies and consulates. Prutha is an alumna of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bengaluru.
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Grand Prairie will host the opening game of the T20 World Cup

Can the ICC finally crack the USA’s code?

  In cricket’s hyper-saturated T20 era, true “firsts” are few and far between. New leagues, franchises, and even broken records are a dime a dozen;...
Sunil Chhetri announces retirement from international football

Sunil Chhetri draws curtains on international career

  In what came as a shock to the world of football, Indian national team captain, Sunil Chettri, announced that he will hang up the...
Service NSW

Service NSW Business Bureau: A partnership made for business

  A leading initiative from the NSW Government, the Service NSW Business Bureau can help small business owners understand and access programs, which will assist...
Travel tips

Travel tips: Staying healthy while flying

  Now that we are all flying again, I thought I'd share my travel tips to help you have a safe and healthy flight. Before you...
Laughing at someone else's spelling fail

Spelling fail: To laugh out loud, or ignore?

  Dear Auntyji Please help with this ongoing problem of mine - which started with a simple spelling fail. My friend Amal invited me to a party...
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