COVID-19: Aussizz Group announce special consultation and booklet for international students

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organisation, you can call for any help to the international students

The Aussizz Group are receiving over hundred calls a day and hundreds of messages to enquire about visa and PR application status, the company’s Girish Patel told Indian Link. “There are parents stuck here that need to extend their visitors visa, students with no further stay restrictions, PR applicants in the process of applying for immigration and students that cannot attend Universities,” he said.

Aussizz group has created a special email ID in response to the overwhelming number of concerns: Covid19@aussizz.com. They have also created a COVID-19 Crisis FAQ booklet for onshore and off-shore applications.

“We are helping with the enquiries even if they are not our clients,” claimed Girish. 

His request is for everyone not to panic as a result of Scott Morrison’s comments about temporary residents returning home. “The next six months will be tough for everyone in the education industry but there are many universities and community organisations that are willing to help. We are not alone. It is times like this that we need to help each other,” he said.

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Preeti Jabbal
Preeti Jabbal
Preeti is the Melbourne Coordinator of Indian Link.

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