Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Cannes look has fans divided

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's latest red carpet appearance has garnered mixed reactions: 'hoodie couture', 'aluminium foil 'or 'queen of Cannes'?

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Fans wait for the Cannes Film Festival as it brings together films, film stars and fashion icons. Among Indian celebrities attending, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s annual appearance is most keenly awaited.

This year, her 21st appearance on the Cannes red carpet was no different. She became the talk of the town yet again. For good or bad? Let’s say the world is divided, as she left observers flummoxed with her choice of clothing.

First, French photographers mistook Urvashi Rautela — a Bollywood B-lister— for her, and critics were quick to dismiss her attire as “hoodie couture”.

People on social media too were quick to judge and her look received heaps of “aluminium foil” and “gift-wrapped” attributions.

Twitter user Milan Sharma wrote, “Not the Diwali gift I am waiting for .. (sic)”

Soon the Twitteratti started picking on Rai Bachchan’s sartorial choice for her first red carpet appearance for 2023 posting dismissive comments in which the term ‘aluminium foil’ was overrepresented. Yes, most compared her to the common kitchen item – it appeared to them as if the Devdas (2002) actress had picked up a flowing sheet of aluminium foil from the kitchen in a hurry to act as a sort of canopy atop her flowing black gown.

“Omg that’s my aluminium foil budget for the whole year,” @divyanganasingh wrote.

@sriragh5 tweeted: “Last heard, her sasu ma was searching for the aluminium roll in the kitchen. Btw aluminium foil preserves food … not beauty..”


Bachchan’s gown is a custom Sophie Couture gown made using “lightweight aluminum details, a signature corset and crystals,” according to the design label’s social media.  Loyalists and fawning fans however, insisted that she looked very much the “Queen of Cannes” they expect her to be.


In the past, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s memorable Cannes looks have included a gold mermaid gown by Roberto Cavalli accessorised with coral lips and immaculate hair, or as the personification of Cinderella, and last year, Renaissance painter Botticelli’s ageless masterpiece The Birth of Venus had clearly inspired her look.

Earlier in the day, Aishwarya had sported a shimmery green cape for a L’Oreal event. The cosmetics giant has had a partnership with Aishwarya for over twenty years. Despite the divided public opinion about her latest look, Aishwarya remains one of the most influential and respected figures in the entertainment industry. Her ability to push boundaries and make bold fashion statements is just one of the many reasons that her fans adore her.

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