44 Indians evacuated from Iran fully cured, return home to Kashmir

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44 Indians evacuated from Iran fully cured, return home to Kashmir

In a silver lining to the ongoing war against the novel coronavirus, 44 Indians, including 24 women – who were evacuated from Iran on March 13 – have been fully cured and have returned home, an Indian Navy official said here on Monday.

The evacuated people were – all from Kashmir, were flown to Srinagar by an IAF flight in a C-130 aircraft on Sunday. Each was given a complimentary packet of food, refreshments, and two hand-made masks, courtesy the Navy Wives Welfare Association, Ghatkopar.

This ended the ordeal for the 44 – who were airlifted from Iran to Mumbai, and then shunted to IN Quarantine Facility in Ghatkopar, where they spent 30 days in total isolation.

A quiet and dedicated IN medical team, plus staff and conservancy personnel, worked tirelessly to monitor the health of the 44 evacuees who have all tested Covid-19 negative on March 28.

Their meals were prepared under strict supervision and customized to cater to any specific requirements, and the evacuees got minor comforts by way of a library, a TV room, indoor games, a mini-gym, limited cricket gear, etc.

Though the nationwide lockdown – implemented from March 24 in the state and the following day all-India – limited the availability of stores, the IN managed to overcome its requirements with resolve and innovations.

“The IN is committed to assist the national effort in the fight against COVID-19 and stands ready to aid the citizens of India and the civil administration in every manner possible,” said a spokesperson.

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