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A Year 7 student, Samraat Nain wins an encouragement award for his academic efforts

Samraat Mann Nain recently did the Indian community proud when he received an award from the Mayor of Hornsby, Steve Russell and local MP Matt Kean for his visionary report into a new architectural project of bungalows designed to withstand climatic phenomena like tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes. The report was commended for being extensive, thoroughly researched and unprecedented.
Samraat Nain.Indian Link
Indian Link caught up with Samraat to find out more. During the interview we had a hard time believing we were talking to a 12-year-old and not an environmental scientist or an architect as he seems clearly ahead of his time.
As part of his Year 7 Geography and TAS (Technology and Applied Science) assignments, Samraat wrote two reports.
“I had to do extensive research and analysis for both,” he said. “The tasks were open ended and I would have loved to write books on them but I was limited by the word count.”
In the TAS report. Samrrat was tasked with studying Google Earth and choosing an island on which to build a hypothetical eco-resort.
“I researched the geography, topography, micro climate and distinguishing environmental features,” Samraat explained. “I had to study various factors to decide what type of eco resort and bungalow I wanted to make there, along with the architectural design of the bungalow, and decide what kind of activities I would provide to the visitors. I researched sustainable timber to use and justified my choice of wood against the suggested wood based on its merit.”
In addition, Samraat had to make a collage of the geo-cultural features of the island and create a brochure to attract tourists there.
“I also conducted a PMI evaluation of various lanterns to design one for my bungalow, sketched an A3 orthogonal drawing of the same and justified where I would position it.”
Samraat chose an island near America for his project as he felt deeply concerned by the damage caused by natural disasters in the region.
Samraat explained how his design stacked up against the current architecture in disaster prone areas.
“I looked at videos of the devastation caused by Japanese tsunamis and tornados in the USA to identify the design flaws in the buildings,” he said. “Then I thought of making the structure stronger to withstand the forces of nature. I believe that my concept and design will be able to hold itself together for longer which is important because in an emergency situation, every minute counts.” 
For the Geography report, Samraat had to choose a region and prepare a liveability report supported by photographs and a video. He chose Hornsby, collecting maps and satellite imagery of the area at multiple levels. He then split these images to include various natural and man built features. An assignment that required five or six criteria to pass intrigued Samraat so much that he ended up compiling a list of more than 40 factors.
“I visited each area to take photos and videos. I also spoke to many people to dig down the facts and find out what is being done to set Hornsby apart from other suburbs.”
Samraat credits his visionary mindset to his parents who, being highly qualified themselves, have ensured a nurturing and stimulating environment at home.
“I started thinking about these issues when I was very little. My dad encouraged me to watch scientific documentaries and I would often go to sleep thinking about them.”
Apart from being an excellent student, Samraat enjoys golf, basketball, swimming and cooking. He is very fond of his younger sister Vedika for whom he considers himself a role model. When he grows up he intends to be a research scientist.
In giving advice to other kids his age, Samraat shares an inspirational quote from his grandfather: “There are so many interesting things to learn and experience that one life is not enough. You stop growing the day you think you know enough, so, keep learning!”

Farzana Ahmad
Farzana Ahmad
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