WATCH: The myth of the Koh-i-noor

Unravel the centuries of mysteries surrounding the Koh-i-noor, a diamond worth more than it's unmatched beauty.

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Once a symbol of sovereignty, the Koh-i-noor is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world and has a complex history spanning eras and empires.

Having traversed the trauma of India’s colonial and imperial rule, the diamond holds incredible significance for the subcontinent, serving as a constant reminder of what has been lost over centuries of oppression.

Still in the hands of the British Royal Family, the Koh-i-noor will not take center stage at the coronation ceremony of King Charles III. However, the web it has weaved through India’s history may mean that this decision won’t be enough to heal the wounds worth hundreds of years.

Learn about the myth and mystery that shrouds the Koh-i-noor as acclaimed historian William Dalrymple takes you on a journey through history.

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