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Trendy Turnip recipes

The old-fashioned turnip is now back in vogue. With a distinctive flavour, this versatile vegetable can be eaten raw, baked, steamed, roasted, boiled or even stir-fried, writes RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

Quick and quirky quinoa recipes

Heralded as a superfood, the seed can be easily adapted to a range of dishes, writes MYTHILI IYER

Sri Lankan delicacy

If you are a fan of authentic Sri Lankan dishes, here are a few quick and easy to make recipes to try at home,...

How to turn leftovers into healthy new meals

Most of us cook larger portions than we need, leading to overeating or food wastage. Try these tips for turning your leftovers into a delicious new meal, writes GEETA KHURANA

Paryushan special Jain recipes: Why should vegetarians have all the fun?

It's that time of the year again! Paryushan Parv, the Jain festival, is a week-long festival of introspection, atonement and forgiveness, but a festival,...

A dish Mum taught me to cook: Deepa Gopinath’s Majjige Hulli

To me, Majjige Hulli (yoghurt-based sambar) is one of the tastes of my mum.  When working in London I would have sudden cravings for...

A dish Mum taught me to cook: Pallavi Sinha’s Baingan Bharta

I have always been amazed at how much my mum can tirelessly cook, and how quickly she can prepare numerous dishes. This dates back...

A dish Mum taught me to cook: Neelam Vasudevan’s Cocoa Cake

My mum Sheila was a great cook and would pour so much love into her cooking that our kitchen was always open 24/7, and...

All-women crew pilot India’s longest commercial flight

  National carrier Air India operated its first flight from San Francisco to Bengaluru on Saturday and according to a statement the flight was operated...

WATCH: Dog ‘blesses’ devotees outside temple in India

dog swami video
  In a now viral video, a dog stationed outside the Siddhivinayak Temple in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra was spotted shaking hands and 'blessing' devotees as they...

Test cricket draw marks a massive victory for India

third test draw
  As the Indian batsmen stepped up to the crease on day 5 of the third Test at the SCG, the odds were against them....

Aussie cricket fan, 91, says sorry to Siraj

aussie cricket fan, 91, says sorry to siraj
  "If you ever get a chance to speak to Mohammed Siraj, tell him I said 'sorry'". In a most unusual phone call received at the...

Moving Day for the Trumps

  Imagine that moving day has finally arrived for the Trumps. It is the morning of 19 January and some well-armed guards are dragging a...
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