Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Indian students still in limbo with NSW’s pilot plan for return

  A pilot plan first announced in June has been given the green light by the Commonwealth Government to see the phased return of international...

Your questions about work and vaccinations, answered

  Can my employer force me to get vaccinated? The simple answer is no. The more realistic answer is, it depends.  An employer cannot force...

Vidya Makan: Breaking the coloured glass ceiling

Vidya Makan as Catherine Parr in a musical touring Australia in 2020. Source: James D Morgan
  “Diversity is part of my identity, so being a minority and talking about marginalised voices is part of my story. In anything I write,...

Texas doctor sues county for wrongful termination, alleges racial discrimination

dr Hasan Gokal Texas doctor BuzzFeed news
  Texas doctor Hasan Gokal made headlines in the US when he was fired from Harris County Public Health (HCPH) in January after being accused...

Batsman. Batter. How sport is creating new social agendas

Shafali Verma playing for the India women's national cricket team- gender-neutral terms helping women within the cricket sphere of equality. Source: Twitter
  It's just not cricket. It's something better. With the change in cricket terminology from the term “batsman” to “batter”, more serious questions arise about whether bigger...
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