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How chef Nabil Ansari popularised Indian cuisine during the lockdown

Not everyone’s pandemic story is all doom and gloom. Undeterred by strict lockdowns and a flailing hospitality industry,...

Ten poisonous foods you eat every day

It’s an unpleasant fact, but some of your favourite foods can be potentially toxic to your system, writes FARZANA AHMED

Gordon Ramsay: I would love to open a restaurant in India

Gordon Ramsay: I would love to open my restaurant in India.Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay loves India and...

Uncommon but healthy foods to try

Certain unusual foods that can spruce up your daily diet while adding nutrients to a meal, writes GEETA KHURANA

Indulgent chocolaty goodness

From tarts and cakes to ice-creams and mousses, chocolate is the object of many love/hate relationships. Unabashedly indulgent in taste and appearance,...

5 beautiful white wines to pair with spicy food

Let me start with a disclaimer.I am no wine guru or Huan Hooke...

Food that improves sleep

There is a strong correlation between sleep quality and dietary pattern. High intake of confectionary and noodles...

Mutter-ing Peas-fully

Peas. Mutter, as we call them - and how they matter in so many recipes! Wonderfully adaptable...

Nutrition rich food for little ones

Nutrition is a key actor in your little child's development, whether physical or cognitive, and can complement contributions from genetic and environmental - physical and psychosocial - factors.

Eid Ki Mehfil

Eid is celebrated with true Hyderabadi flavour at the home of ASIMA KHAN