State of Nostalgia: Madhya Pradesh

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Neha shares her memories of Madhya Pradesh

MP may be close to my heart, but it is also the very heart of India! With no coastline and no international frontiers, it is only surrounded by – more of India. The states UP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat enclose it, and this is what makes it vibrant, colourful and diverse in its culture, language, food, rituals and vegetation too.

Greenery- Madhya Pradesh
Greenery- Madhya Pradesh

MP is rich in history with a strong sense of art and architecture which is clearly reflected in its ancient temples, and historical buildings. Some striking examples are the Khajuraho temple famous for its erotic art, Sanchi stupa and Gwalior fort, all of which are notable architectural achievements.

Neha Singhal IT Professional

Writer: Neha (Madhya Pradesh)
Writer: Neha (Madhya Pradesh)

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