State of Nostalgia: Goa

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Michelle, Vernon and Blaise share their memories of Goa

The wow factor of Goa for me is its glittering coastline stretching south into unspoiled sands, waterfalls, full-moon beach parties, its Portuguese architecture, nestled in quiet, sun-drenched, dusty green villages, its churches, forts, ruins and mosques.

Beach party- Goa
Beach party- Goa

Nothing beats a cold beer at sunset by the Mandovi River in old Goa, or the taste of fish curries, vegetable curries, shrimp, pickles, slow-cooked pork vindaloo or Portuguese-inspired sorpotel with rice cakes.

Michelle Cahill Writer (Sydney)

Writer: Michelle (Goa)
Writer: Michelle (Goa)

When one thinks of Goa, the first thing that comes to mind is – the beach! But there’s a lot more to this smallest and perhaps most beautiful state in India, than the sun, sand and surf.

The monsoon time is just the perfect time to discover the romance of the rains! Goa, formerly a Portuguese colony, is rich in natural beauty, complete with unending carpets of greenery and a laid back way of life. Add to this the delicious Goan cuisine, and Goa certainly becomes a place to indulge in the art of “elegant idleness”, and to live in Susegad style!

Vernon da Gama Lawyer (Melbourne)

Writer: Vernon (Goa)
Writer: Vernon (Goa)

Goa is my state and its ‘wow’ factor is already too well known. But to me, it is the fact that it is unique and exotic in several ways that makes it fascinating. It is mainly unique in its religious demographics, its cuisine and history.

This has resulted in many wanting to have a share of the pie, but being the smallest state in the country, it is being torn apart by voracious consumers. This is destroying its very essence – its uniqueness! India, as a diverse country, could learn a thing or two about respect for others’ way of life and growing without trespass. That would be a step towards true independence!

Blaise Fernandes Geologist  (Adelaide) 

Writer: Blaise (Goa)
Writer: Blaise (Goa)

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