SSCAFF 2019 entertains and informs

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The seventh year of the SSCAFF 7 Colours Festival provided much needed mid-winter warmth while celebrating local talent and engaging diverse audiences in Melbourne, recently.
The 3-day festival was presented by SKGA Inc. in association with VMC Victorian Multicultural Commission, City of Monash, City of Kingston, Cinespace Inc. and State Government of Victoria.

Both inclusive and immersive, the Festival brought together artistic talent from across Victoria with over 150 participants from many multicultural backgrounds.
Besides the quintessential Bhangra and Bollywood, the Festival reflected a diverse array of culture through Indian classical dances, Greek and Spanish performances.

The combination of emerging and established artists attracted a considerable crowd over the weekend.
There was an inescapable sense of celebration with a mix of singing, dancing, comedy and fashion parade held indoors and live music, yoga, language sessions and drumming taking place outdoors.

Festival Director Nawal Moudgil feels the festival is evolving with each year to include more talent, giving SSCAFF a good mojo rising. “It started as a dedication to the late Yash Chopra, renowned Indian film-maker and patron and I am proud to say it is going from strength to strength,” Nawal told Indian Link.
This year again the festival featured film screenings, film workshops and a panel discussion on how social media is a film-maker’s new best friend. Film panelists John Hipwell, Winston Furlong, Amy Perera, Lin Arrifin, Daniel Schultheis and David Black discussed the topic moderated by Preeti Daga Raizada.

Multiple stalls added to the vibe along with health and well-being sessions. Renee Dodson (PHATT), interestingly, offered drumming therapy to tap into layers of mind and body for healing and mindfulness.
Rabindra Shrestha (President), Teacher Parvati Upretil and the team of community organisation Hamro Nepali Pathshala, Melbourne received the 2019 Yash Chopra SSCAFF Community Award for promoting Nepali Arts, Languages & Cultural Activities in Melbourne, Australia.
Steve (Saeed) Khan and the team of Melbourne-based community organisation Harmony International received the 2019 Yash Chopra SSCAFF Community Award for promoting diversity through creative arts since 1989.

This year again SSCAFF offered a festival experience that inspired joy, positivity and engagement with the multicultural communities. “With support from all we wish to continue with this affirmation and celebration of unity amongst diversity for many years,” said Nawal.

Preeti Jabbal
Preeti Jabbal
Preeti is the Melbourne Coordinator of Indian Link.

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