Solidarity Vigil in Melb to support Indian healthcare workers

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As devastating images of COVID-affected India fill our television screens, many have an increased appreciation for the country’s medical personnel, who are working tirelessly behind the scenes. Despite limited resources and terrifying odds, they continue to fight at the frontlines of the pandemic.

“I have many friends who are doctors and other healthcare professionals in India. They describe a scene of ruin. They describe a scene of enormous fatigue, making difficult moral decisions,” said Dr Ranjana Srivastava, Melbourne-based oncologist and author.

As part of the ‘Vigil Aunties’, she’s among a number of Indian-origin doctors here in Australia who want to show solidarity with their colleagues in India. They have planned a solidarity vigil to take a moment to think about, and thank, India’s brave medical personnel.

Moreover, they emphasise how early career doctors in India have been thrust into an almost war-like situation, and as senior doctors fall sick, find themselves looking for guidance.

“Being a junior doctor in India is a tough gig at any time and this is going to be particularly difficult for them. On one hand, there will be a steep learning curve. They will learn things and pick up new skills very quickly, but yes, the mentoring to refine their skills is something that will be missing for a while. There’s a role for Indian diaspora doctors around the world who have worked in India, and understand the situation in India, to step in and provide that guidance and mentoring from far away,” obstetrician Dr Nisha Khot told Indian Link’s Pawan Luthra.

Join the Vigil Aunties in their solidarity vigil in Melbourne to show support for India’s brave medical staff.

It will take place between 4- 6 PM on 15 May at Flinders Street Amphitheatre opposite St Paul’s Cathedral, Federation Square.

Learn all about the vigil here:

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