Shashi Kochhar

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Shashi Kochhar is a candidate for Mulgrave Ward for Monash City Council

The reason Shashi Kochhar is standing for council elections

I want to put all the volunteering lessons learnt during last thirty years into work in one action and find out why, Commitment, Accountability, Ownership and Belonging are on decline in the community? 

Why the work standards are dropping, no pride in work, everything must be done again and again. Why the family unit has been shattered and broken, when the real happiness in life comes from family togetherness.  

While working full time, in last thirty years I did many kinds of volunteering roles diverse organisations, but the outcome was same, more satisfaction, more happiness, more contentment and more oxytocin in the system, I learned what gratitude means and how it works.  

Let us work together and revive the humanity, break and dismantle the walls which are keeping us away and apart from each other, build the bridges and Unite and work together to create better world for our coming generations.  

Why people should vote for me

I plan to work with the community to create transparent, accountable, and efficient systems with public consultation and involvement. I want to promote sense of belonging and pride in our city and our democratic system. I want to help build safer, greener neighbourhoods, look after our environment, and promote cleanliness. Use our Senior’s wisdom, look after them and those more vulnerable in the community. This will help us to leave the place in better condition than we inherited it. 

Contribution to the community

I have been awarded recognition as Sir John Monash Community Leader in 2007, the Monash Multicultural champion in 2018, and my greatest honour to date – an Order of Australia in 2019. I am Justice of Peace and have signed more than 40,000 documents. I have got close to 500 Blood relations in Australia as I have donated Blood/Plasma for 180 times. I am the founder president of twenty three year old Charitable Community organisation “Friends of the children Foundation Inc.” I am Chair of Monash Interfaith Gathering, Active member of local Rotary and Lions Club.  

It is with this background of unrelenting community service that I see Monash council as the platform from where I can do more for the community with the support of bigger team.  

I believe my biggest strength is my sense of gratitude to the community – for which I have a strong desire to give back. As a first-generation migrant, I know the value of hard work- and in fact, my passion for service sees me working harder in retirement than when I was in paid employment.   

If elected, my post-pandemic key goals will be to

  • Look after seniors and the vulnerable in our community
  • Creation of more jobs in the recycling and manufacturing Industry
  • Make Council more transparent, accountable, and efficient, so they can demonstrate that they are using ratepayer money in a sensible and effective manner

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