Service NSW Business Bureau: Fostering Small Business Success

Discover the Service NSW Business Bureau program which offers free, personalised support to small business owners, including in-language assistance for Indian speakers.

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Running your own small business can be rewarding and challenging filled with unique obstacles and countless decisions. Recognising these challenges, the NSW Government has launched the Service NSW Business Bureau, offering free, personalised support to small business owners.

The Service NSW Business Bureau understands that navigating the world of small business requires more than just determination—it needs access to expert advice and support. Cassandra Gibbens, Executive Director of the Service NSW Business Bureau, highlights the program’s commitment: “From getting started, to marketing and managing cash flow, the Business Connect program within the Service NSW Business Bureau provides up to eight hours of free expert, independent, and tailored advice.”

This initiative is particularly beneficial for the Indian community, offering in-language support through interpreters, ensuring that there are no barriers to essential resources. “No matter where you are in your business journey, the Service NSW Business Bureau supports small business owners of all backgrounds across the State, including our Indian community, with in-language support through interpreting and translation services,” Gibbens adds.

The tangible impact is best illustrated through the success of local entrepreneurs. Jackson Fernandez, owner of Symphony Events, credits his business’s significant growth to the guidance of his Business Connect advisor, Rebecca. “Rebecca has helped me to expand my business significantly and I now employ sub-contractors to bring my events together, which allows me to utilise my time on the business more efficiently,” he shares. Rebecca’s expert advice has been instrumental in transforming Symphony Events. “Rebecca has played a pivotal role in revitalising my business model and the support I have received has been truly exceptional. She guided me through crucial aspects such as trademark information, legal compliance, overcoming challenges, scaling up my business to the next level and mastering various marketing techniques,” Fernandez continues, emphasising the program’s role in his evolution and recommending its services to fellow business owners, no matter the scale of their operations.

NSW Business Bureau - Jackson Fernandez

Expert Guidance: Business Connect advisors at Service NSW Business Bureau like Rebecca bring a wealth of experience to the table. They are not only seasoned professionals but also have first-hand experience running their own businesses. This dual perspective allows them to offer practical, empathetic, and effective advice. Rebecca recalls her initial meeting with Jackson: “He expressed he had to manage everything by himself and that there was no way out of this situation. I advised Jackson to establish a structured system within his business, which involved assigning different departments with various tasks and responsibilities.” 

Her insights as an experienced advisor reflect a broader understanding of common challenges such as feeling overwhelmed, or burnout faced by small business owners. “We can provide an independent perspective and identify areas of improvement, enabling business owners to manage and grow their business more effectively,” Rebecca asserts.

A Proven Track Record: NSW small businesses employ 1.7 million people, which is around 43 per cent of the State’s private sector workforce. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows there are around 4,243 small businesses in NSW with owners whose primary language is Hindi, 3,550 Punjabi and 2,801 Urdu. 

indian dialect speaking owners
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Since its inception, Business Connect has engaged more than 55,500 small businesses across NSW, delivering over 381,000 hours of support. This includes over 4,600 events on critical topics such as planning, marketing, and cash flow management. Impressively, 96% of customers are likely to recommend the program, underscoring its efficacy and the satisfaction of those who have benefited from its services. 

Get Involved: Whether you are just starting or looking to grow, Service NSW Business Bureau offers invaluable resources, including up to eight hours of free, one-on-one advisory sessions. Additionally, the program provides access to events and online resources, ensuring that business owners can continue learning and growing at their own pace.

The NSW Government’s commitment to empowering small businesses is clear, with initiatives like Service NSW Business Bureau.

For more information on Service NSW Business Bureau, call 13 77 88 or visit   service.nsw.gov.au/business/partner

For in-language support, call 131 450 and ask them to call Service NSW Business Bureau. 

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