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Using data-driven techniques to scale up your business: Sameer Babbar’s new book

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As businesses grapple with the magnitude of information available through market data, author Sameer Babbar has determined some practical applications that will help them to grow. In his recent book Retail Reframe he shares ideas, tools and proven methods that will help scale up your business.
In the book Sameer maintains that organisations that are prepared to rethink the way they do business can occupy the competitive high ground of the future. According to him, to do this they must take advantage of the opportunities created in the space of strategic data analytics.
He guides you to envision success within a retail or online operation by utilising tools that help to evaluate the business, customers, location and competition. He offers succinct tips through chapters that cover different focus points on the retail environment including creating monopoly, choosing right location, business decisions and cannibalisation.

“What I found was the best decisions in business were made when we combined our anecdotal, tacit gut-feel knowledge with opinions from others and facts,” claims
Sameer. “This book is my humble attempt to put together my interaction and experience with organisations over many years.”
Sameer Babbar is the CEO of strategic analytics organisation SVB Group. He currently lives in Australia but has worked and lived in India and Middle East. His work has taken him to many other countries. He is often invited to speak at industry conferences and leadership platforms.
An IIT Engineer, MBA from Melbourne Business School, Graduate Institute of Company Directors, Sameer is also a fellow at the Australian Institute of Management.

Both of Sameer’s grandfathers were deeply passionate and highly successful businessmen. Following in their footsteps, he continues to help businesses generate higher value for the efforts being put in.
He has worked with UN, oil companies, mining firms, telecommunication organisations, transportation, custom services, national and state governments, regional councils, small and large businesses.
This book is written to help businesses to move beyond the intuitive approach to market, or reasoning by historical analogy, towards smart strategy driven by data and clear metrics. It focuses on how to put accumulated data to optimal use and how smart retailers are turning data into dollars.
Its simple, uncomplicated style does not bamboozle people with management jargon. It’s not a detailed guide but articulated in a common sense, practical manner. Sameer dedicates the book to all those who want to leverage creativity, information and passion to make their mark in business.

Preeti Jabbal
Preeti Jabbal
Preeti is the Melbourne Coordinator of Indian Link.

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