Record number of AFL ambassadors

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This year sees 183 multicultural community leaders join the Multicultural Community Ambassador Program


March 19 saw 114 of the 183 multicultural community leaders from around Australia join the AFL Multicultural Community Ambassador Program of 2014. Continuing to grow since it began in 2013, the program aims to further engage multicultural communities in Australian football through a network of dedicated volunteers.

“The ambassadors represent the many diverse cultures in Australia,” said Dorothy Hisgrove, AFL general manager, people, customer and community. She is pleased to see a record number of volunteers this year and its widespread national interest. “It will more than double in size in 2014 with over 180 ambassadors appointed, representing 44 countries of birth, 65 nationalities and around 100 languages,” she noted.

“Each ambassador has been selected based on their community leadership skills and enthusiasm to share their passion for AFL with diverse communities, using Australian football as a vehicle for engagement and inclusion,” continued Hisgrove.

Indian Link’s very own Ashish Chawla was one of the community leaders chosen by the program. “What a pleasure and honour it is to be a part of such a popular sport in Australia and help the community to engage in more activities for AFL,” he disclosed. Ambassadors will attend an induction session before commencing their roles during the Toyota AFL Premiership Season.

2013 National Multicultural Ambassador of the Year Sue Yeon was delighted to win this honour as she is proud of the role she is playing in connecting people in her community with ‘Australia’s Game’.

Fingers crossed that Ashish is the 2014 winner!


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