President hails farmers, scientists and soldiers in Republic Day speech

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On the eve of Republic Day, President Ram Nath Kovind said justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity, outlined in the Preamble of the Constitution, are sacred to everybody in the nation.

The President said in his speech: “These values – justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity – outlined in the preamble of our Constitution are sacred to all of us. Its abiding adherence is meant not only for those who are mandated to govern but for the people at large.

“Justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity are perennial principles of our philosophy of life. They come to us from the dawn of this civilisation through an unbroken chain,” the President said.

He said the task of every generation to seek out the meaning of these values for its times. As the freedom fighters did in their day, these key principles should light our path to development.

President Ram Nath Kovind hailed farmers, scientists and soldiers for working to serve the country at an adverse time during the pandemic. “All our farmers, soldiers and scientists deserve special appreciation and a grateful nation greets them on this auspicious occasion of Republic Day.”

The President in his address said: “Despite adversities of nature, numerous other challenges and the COVID-19 pandemic, our farmers sustained the agricultural production. From space to the farms, from educational institutions to hospitals, the community of scientists has enriched our life and work.”

Hailing the scientific community, the President said, “Our scientists have been working day and night for decoding the Coronavirus and they have succeeded in developing the vaccine in record time. With this accomplishment, our scientists have added a glorious chapter of contribution to the well-being of humanity.”

“From the freezing cold at Siachen and Galwan valley in Ladakh with temperatures as low as minus 50 to 60 °C to the scorching heat in Jaisalmer with temperatures as high as 50 °C, on land, in the skies and at the vast coastal areas, our warriors are vigilant every moment,” he said

“Though we reiterate our commitment to peace, our defence forces – Army, Air Force and Navy – are adequately mobilised in a well-coordinated move to thwart any attempt to undermine our security. Our national interest will be protected at all costs,” the President further said.

He paid tributes to those who have lost their lives in the pandemic.

 He lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for converting a crisis into an opportunity, “The Prime Minister gave a call of Atma-Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan…Our vibrant democracy, our enterprising and talented fellow citizens – specially the youth – energise our efforts in shaping a self-reliant India,” he said.

The President also praised the Election Commission for conducting free and fair elections in Bihar and in UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, despite the pandemic threat.


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