My little piece of home

We ask Indian students in Australia about their one possession that reminds them of their motherland India.

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Ahead of India’s 77th Independence Day, we ask international students a simple India-related question. What’s that one possession you’ve brought with you that reminds you very much of home?

Kriti Mahajan (Source: Supplied)

Kriti Mahajan, New Delhi

Morning chai together is a ritual in my family that began during the pandemic. So when I arrived in Australia, Mum packed me her special chai masala mix (certified, the best in the world!). Now every morning, I make a nice hot cuppa, and say a quiet ‘Good morning’ to my family.

piece of home
Sanjay Chhabaria (Source: Supplied)

Sanjay Chhabaria, Vadodara

This might look like a little rock to you, but for me, it has great sentimental value. The intricate carvings on the stone depict Lord Ganesha’s wisdom, Shiva’s strength, and Vishnu’s cosmic presence. It’s like having a piece of my homeland’s spirituality right here with me, connecting two worlds in one small object.

Vinit Iyer (Source: Supplied)

Vinit Iyer, Mumbai

Ganesh is a special deity in my family, and so of course he came with me when I came to Australia! He sits on my desk, watching over me and reminding me of home.

Sanskriti Sharma (Source: Supplied)

Sanskriti Sharma, Mumbai

My special possession is a muffler hand-woven by my Nani (maternal grandmother). It’s very dear to me as I feel it smells of her and reminds me of her warmth and love. It’s like being enveloped in her love even though we are thousands of kilometres away from each other.

piece of home
Samkit Mody (Source: Supplied)

Samkit Mody, Mumbai

My funky lava lamp! It lived in my bedroom at home, and now lives with me here in Sydney – it’s my little piece of continuity.

Sachin Puri (Source: Supplied)

Sachin Puri, New Delhi

My favourite university T-shirt from India. It reminds me of the fun times I had as a student back home.

Reuben Gupta (Source: Supplied)

Reuben Gupta, Pune

I brought with me a lot of snacks when I first came in – packets of JhalMuri, Chanachur… yum. Got through them pretty fast, too fast, unfortunately! The other thing I have that I really love is my kurta. I don’t get a chance to wear it often honestly, but whenever I do, I feel I’m back home.

piece of home
Kaustubh Sanghai (Source: Supplied)

Kaustubh Sanghai, Nagpur

My flute goes everywhere with me. I did several gigs at school and university and with my friends and family. Playing it here now is an instant trip back home – the wonderful memories come rushing back.

Natasha Prabhu (Source: Supplied)

Natasha Prabhu, Mumbai

Nothing reminds me of home and family like my masala dabba! Just its sight, and the smells when I open the lid, transport me straight back to the kitchen at home – and the wonderful meals mum cooked for us all.

piece of home
Sagar Bhagwatwar (Source: Supplied)

Sagar Bhagwatkar, Nagpur

I brought with me this tiny replica of the famous Nagpur kaTekdi cha Ganpati” with me. It has a very special place in my life, and is my piece of home here. It has a dedicated spot in my room and I often light a candle, just like our ghar wala mandir back in India.

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