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What the community buzurgs have been up to over the past few months

photo: NRISA

NRISA: Info-tainment!

It was entertainment as well as information at the regular NRISA meet. The video Within My Walls, introduced by Dr Santosh Kumar, presented situations that give rise to elder abuse in society, how this abuse enters a senior’s life, and how best it can be avoided.

As well, a useful discussion on food wastage was deftly presented by Dr Santosh Kumar, Ramesh Dave and Arvind Gaindher. The advice offered was how the wastage may be discouraged and minimised, how to store leftovers, and if not stored, what option to employ to dispose of those responsibly.

The entertainment came from new member Suresh Bhandari (who not only presented Bollywood songs but also a delightful mimicry of various musical instruments) and poetry by Dr Subhash Sharma of Sahitya Sandhya fame.

NRISA meets every third Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm at 18A Bent Street, Northcote. Details, contact Nalin Sharda at nalinsharda@gmail.com

photo: NRISA

KISCA: Mother’s Day

To Kingston Indian Senior Citizens Association’s good luck, the rain God chose to shower sunshine rather than rain after a week of so gloomy Melbourne weather. A steady stream of seventy plus guests and members ladies in colourful sarees, and spotlessly attired gentlemen, arrived at Dingley Hall to celebrate Mothers’ Day. Seven new members joined in, which evidenced that KISCA is gaining prominence.

President Ashok Jamini commenced the evening by welcoming guests and members. Barbara Nagaya sang Sanskrit shlokas and offered prayers. The star attraction of the day was ‘Chalte Chalte’, a Fijian-Indian music group comprising of Ram Krishna, Mahend Prasad, Gopal Krishna, Sahidan Krishna, Bina Raman, Trikan Muttu, Bharati Prasad and Vinod Raman. They entertained with golden oldies from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Bharati’s duet with Sahidan, Kajra Muhabbat Wala electrified the audience. Ram Krishna and Gopal sang a few soulful ghazals. Floral offerings were presented to the ‘senior-plus’, and token gifts were given to every mother. A delicious three-course meal, prepared by Fiji Café of Little India, was enjoyed by one and all.

KISCA actively pursues engaging programmes every month, and there is always something alluring arranged to excite the seniors. KISCA is always looking for new members, and if the Mothers’ Day celebration was any indication of its continued prosperity, KISCA has a bright future ahead of it. Details contact Secretary Mona Raju on monaraju05@gmail.com or on 03 9782 8973.

FISCA: Lessons from the Buddha

Fijian Indian Senior Citizens Association prides itself in celebrating festivals of all major religions of India, and this month, fifty plus members celebrated the festival of Buddha Jayanti. A great supporter of the ideology of respecting all religions towards peace and harmony, President Liladhar Jeraj initiated the day with a ten-minute session of meditation. Brief discourses were then offered by members on how to achieve and preserve societal cohesion towards peace, as preached the Buddha. This program of shared faith, believes Jeraj, will forever be followed by FISCA membership. Details: Liladhar Jeraj at ljeraj@optusnet.com.au

Stonnington: India Quiz!

Namaste. Aap sab kaise hain?”

It was a wonderful surprise to be greeted thus by a young man of South Korean origin, from the Inner South Community Health Centre, at the Stonington City Council’s regular seniors meet. Dominic, the young man, had even taken care to keep his hands folded!

In an entertaining session, Dominic asked us our reasons for moving to Australia, tested our knowledge of India, and offered chocolates to members who provided correct answers to his questions. To 43 attending and many new members, Dominic detailed the amenities his Centre offers to seniors, and invited us to visit if in need. Members attending entertained with bhajans.

Organiser Jaya Manchikanti informed us that the City of Stonington has decided to carry on the meeting arrangements on the present basis for another calendar year. This group meets every second Saturday in the Library building on Rob Roy Street in East Malvern. Details, contact Jaya at Jmanchik@stonnington.vic.gov.au

The Forum: A bit of IT, and physical well-being

At the Indian Seniors Forum meeting at FIAV hall in Little India this month, Vikrant Thakur, an IT expert, imparted information on basic computer learnings. Vikrant encouraged seniors to take to computers as it is an evolving 21st century mode toward gaining information and further learning. An operative from Migrant Resource Centre in Box Hill imparted valid information on general mobility, and also on modes of how to avoid accidents and falls. At their Clayton venue, a video of an intricate procedure Dr Minoo Patel, members Kummi and Kiku Patel’s son, performed. A video on prevention and effects of arthritis was also shown.

The Forum entertain seniors entirely free of cost in Little India, in Clayton, and also in Camberwell. Details, contact Chief Co-ordinator Shri S. K. Auplish at auplishsk@yahoo.com.au

ISAW: Yoga

Thirty members of the Indian Seniors Association, West (ISAW) enjoyed an excursion to Satyananda Yoga Ashram near Daylesford, which functions under the capable guidance of Swami Atma Mukta Nandaji. Set in a serene location, the ambiance of the ashram was tranquil and typical for meditation. Though the outdoors was cold, the indoors was warm and cosy, and we felt at ease.

Following a brief tour of the Ashram and a healthy and sumptuous vegetarian lunch, a brief discourse appraised members with the history of the Ashram. Swami Kriya Ratna took us through a session of Yoga Nidra. The day unusually fulfilling, we returned home with a feeling of appreciation and contentment. Details, contact President Arjun Tuli at arjantuli@bigpond.com.au

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