‘Love is Blind’ 2: Twitter reacts to Deepti and Shake in season finale

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*Contains spoilers for the finale of Love is Blind season 2*

After a bumpy, confusing ride from the dating pods to the altar, fans of Netflix’s hit blind dating show finally know the end results of the five engagements. On 25 February, an hour long finale revealed how many couples actually said ‘I do’.

In particular, many viewers were invested in the relationship between well-meaning Deepti Vempati and seemingly superficial Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee.

For weeks, many were left scratching their heads after Shake described Deepti as his “best friend” but spent numerous occasions questioning their compatibility. He was especially vocal about the lack of an electric physical attraction and at one point, he compared being with her to being with his aunt. Yikes!

All this drama followed a deep emotional connection built in the dating pods, where Shake and Deepti bonded over their shared culture as Indian-Americans. Many viewers couldn’t help but cringe when Shake followed this by sharing his doubts with everyone but his own fiancé.

A particularly powerful moment from this season of Love is Blind came from a conversation between Shake and his mother, who told him in no uncertain terms: “(Deepti) could find someone who absolutely loves her the way she is. She doesn’t deserve someone who gives her even half a percent less.”

So did the couple make it down the altar? Did Deepti agree to marry Shake?

The answer is… no. In a moving moment that seemed straight out of a Bollywood movie, she held her head high and said, “I hope you know how much you mean to me and the impact you’ve made on my life, but no, I cannot marry you. I deserve somebody who knows for sure, so I’m choosing myself. I’m going to say no.”

Understandably, the Twitterverse exploded with surprise and happiness.

The growing online criticism of Shake and the way he handled the relationship (and breakup) eventually caused the Chicago-based vet to put out a video shortly after the season finale aired.

His message, more or less, was: “I know I’ve got some work to do.”

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